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Food & Drink
The Coffeehouse Nook: My very own. If you're looking for a good coffeehouse, check here.
Dinner and a Cute name. Decided to take a chance on this link.
Games (Online)
Gamesville: Formerly known as Bingozone, now Gamesville has 3 games that you can play for cash.

Riddler: Seems like they're undergoing some problems. Maybe they're up and running again.

Hollywood Stock Exchange: It still confuses me, but the idea is cute.

Variety: The online version of the showbiz periodical.

MovieLink: The online version of 777-FILM, 333-FILM, etc.
TVGen: Like me? Too cheap to buy a paper, check out TVGuide's Web site. Better than the book!



Karen: She's into MUDding. I was always told not to play in the mud.

Krissy: Where are you? Here is her Web site.


Government (U.S.A.)

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): Save the Earth!

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA): What's up, up there?

Executive Branch
The White House: A so-so site, but you can send an e-mail to the President.
Green Parties of North America: I'd be a card-carrying member, if it wasn't a waste of resources. ;-)



Hotmail: The only way to go (even it is owned by Microsoft).
Search Engines, etc.
Metacrawler: Use seven different search engines simultaneously!

The Mining Company: A Web guide compiled by folks like you and me. (I think I will manage a topic myself, someday!)

 Web Site Resources
Geocities: You can't beat 6 megabytes of free space, can you?

Link Exchange: Place a banner, get more visits (supposedly).

Tripod: Another free homepage provider (with 5 Mb of space, standard).


News / Newsmedia

CNN: As far as I'm concerned, the best news on the Web.

The Associated Press: Get it from the horse's mouth.


Assorted Curios

NeoPlanet: Tired of the Big Two? Try an alternative browser interface!

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